ARE UNICORNS REAL – History, facts, and dreams

Hi, and welcome to my blog!

I am so excited.

This is my first post, and I was wondering what I should be writing about. As you would have already guessed, this site is all about Unicorns. So, the only right thing to do is write about this beautiful creature. Of course, we would love for you to shop for your favorite unicorn accessories with us, so look out for our future posts as we discuss some of the amazing products in our range.


If you are like me, you would probably already have an incredible unicorn collection. The range of products available is mind-boggling from books to slippers, to mugs, cups, pencils, sticky tape holder, purses, bags…etc.

But first, the most important question.

Are Unicorns Real?

My friends and I have been discussing this for a while now. Well, we think that they are. But then, some of my friends are a little skeptical.

We (Dad, is the best…he believes in Unicorns too!! How cool!!) decided to investigate to find out the truth…and discovered….

Unicorns Existed Before Jesus Was Born

Yes, it is true. It was described as a mythical creature, a beautiful horse with a single horn. Typically, it was a white horse with cloven hooves. These are hooves like what a deer or cows have. Unicorns are also part of mythological stories both in eastern and western culture and there is quite a bit written about these beautiful creatures.

What set’s unicorns apart is their spiral horn and I am sure you would have seen these in images and pictures or, even on your friend’s birthday cake as a topper!

Unicorns in Other Cultures

While researching for images for Unicorns, we stumbled upon creatures over the centuries in different cultures, all resembling a unicorn! Check these out:

Are Unicorns Real? What Is A Qilin?Name: Qilin

Country: China

Description: A mythological one-horned beast with dragon type features. They are creatures which punish evil doers. Qilin is beloved to be a symbol of good fortune and prosperity.









Are Unicorns Real? What Is A Karkadaan?Name: Karkadann

Country: India and Persia

Description: This unicorn-like creature was not very friendly in the animal kingdom and was actually feared.







Are Unicorns Real? What Is A Indrik?Name: Indrik

Country: Russia

Description: It is the King of animals and lives on The Holy Mountain.



Unicorns Have Special Powers

Unicorns have unique magical gifts. If a unicorn sheds tears or blood, it is meant to heal. However, they are so mystical, it is hard to catch them. Whenever we go to the woods or forest reserves in summer, my friends and I are always on the lookout for these creatures. One day, we are going to see one, and when we do, we will be the first ones to post them here.

If you have ever wondered about their special power of flight and if they can actually fly or not, click HERE.

Well…People Have Seen Them for Real

There is an Austrian man Antal Festetics who has recorded a unicorn. Okay, so if that sounds crazy, then, how about the claims made by an organization such as The Ontario Science Center! They saw a unicorn in the Don Valley. Now, you may think that this sounds fake but in 2016, scientists discovered fossilized bones of a one-horned animal in Kazakhstan. It is known as the Siberian unicorn. What is so exciting about this discovery is that as early as thirty thousand years ago, they roamed Siberia with humans!

But, what about some ancient explorers of the past? Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Ctesias, a Greek historian and even Confucius also claim to have seen a unicorn. Surely, these are very respected people, they would not lie or were their eyes playing tricks on them? They must have asked themselves the same question, are unicorns real?

Remember, My Little Pony TV Series and The Toys

There were a few characters such as Twilight Sparke and Rarity who were unicorns and much loved by children. If you remember, there was a character called Rainbow Dash which was not a unicorn but had rainbow wings. In recent times, unicorns have made it into popular culture, and now many images portray rainbow unicorns with rainbow colored hair or unicorns standing against a rainbow display.

Popular Books Mention Them

In the book, Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone, there is a very important comment about unicorns. Here it is below:

Firenze: “Harry Potter, do you know what unicorn blood is used for?”

Harry Potter: “No. We’ve only used the horn and tail hair in Potions.”

Yes, even Harry Potter and his fellow students at Hogwarts used parts of Unicorns for magic.

There are so many other books available which mention unicorns, and in some, the unicorns are the main characters.

Below are a few titles where unicorns make an appearance. How many of these books have you read?

– The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

– Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

– The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle

– The Dragon and the Unicorn by Lynne Cherry

– Not Quite Narwhal by Jessie Sima

– Uni The Unicorn by Amy Krouse

– Lily The Unicorn by Dallas Clayton

Unicorns Are So Popular That There Is So Much Written About Them

A quick google search by typing up are unicorns real brought up close to 1.8 million results! That is how much information there is out there about unicorns. Come on. Please convince us otherwise that these beautiful creatures do not exist.

The unicorn is the national animal of Scotland to celebrate its belief in myths and legends. Unicorns have also been represented in many coat of arms for centuries.

In Scotland They Believe Unicrons Are Real

Some Fun Facts About Unicorns

1. They eat hay and oats just like horses do.

2. They sleep lying down and very punctual in their sleeping habits

3. They are gentle creatures unless provoked.

4. They love helping humans in need as well as other animals, but they are so shy, so only very few humans ever see them.

5. They have no known allergies.

6. You cannot tame a unicorn, unlike a horse. Maybe, that explains why you rarely see them.

Have you seen a Unicorn? Do you know any other fun facts about Unicorns? Are Unicorns Real? Share your thoughts here and leave a comment.


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58 thoughts on “ARE UNICORNS REAL – History, facts, and dreams”

  1. Babsie says:

    Since I have never seen one, I have no idea if they are real or not, but considering the world-wide knowledge of them, they probably did exist at one point in time on this crazy planet. It’s not that unbelievable to me, but I’m not sure they are out there today. With all the technology and exploration, someone would probably have snapped a picture, but hey, new species are discovered all the time, so who really knows, right? I love them, and I am glad I found your fun website. Good luck!

    1. admin says:

      Thank you so much Babsie for coming by and taking the time to leave a comment.

  2. Andrew says:

    Hey. I was intrigued by your site, so had to read your post. There is so much information that has been passed down through the centuries and it is sometimes hard to determine what is real and what is not! However, with all of the evidence from different parts of the world indicating the presence of single-horned creatures, I would have to agree that they were here on earth in the past. Whether they are still here now????? That’s a different story. But just because no one has captured one recently does not mean that they do not still exist. I wish you well on your hunt for a unicorn and really hope that you are successful in finding them alive and well. If you do find them, it may be best if you do not tell the rest of the world where they live 🙂

    1. admin says:

      Thanks Andrew. And yes we will keep the location a secret to ourselves if we find one, haha.

  3. Kavitha says:

    Such an interesting article on unicorns. I love unicorns especially eyes. It seems to something unique. From the historical facts, I feel it might have existed. It is nice that someone writes about the unicorn. Thank you.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you for checking out the site Kavitha

  4. Angela says:

    I went through a time in my life when I owned many unicorn items. Unicorns are so mystical and beautiful. Thanks for your post and the information you provided regarding some of the history. Congratulations on posting your first article. I’ll pop in again someday to see how it’s going. Take Care

    1. admin says:

      Thank you so much Angela I really appreciate that.

  5. Teresa C. says:

    Wow, this was a great read! I’ve never seen a unicorn and had no idea The Ontario Science Center made claims of seeing a unicorn on the Don Valley. I guess if I ever hike down there, I will be on a lookout for a unicorn! I’ll definitely let you know and shoot those photos over to you, lol!

    First thing I thought of when I saw the article title was a Unicorn cake; the hype for children nowadays. There is not one child (mostly girls) who doesn’t like unicorns, they just want unicorn everything!

    I think there was a time when I was a little kid, I absolutely adored unicorns but thought… meh, I would never see one because they’re not even real. This post made me think twice, maybe they do exist! I wonder if I’ll be lucky enough to see one for myself, now that would be awesome!

    Thanks for sharing this article! Hopefully there will be more unicorn sightings out there!

    1. admin says:

      Thank you so much Teresa, and yes it would be better than finding Bigfoot to find a real unicorn someday.

  6. Jhie says:

    That’s a lot of good factual reasons to believe that unicorns are real! I’m personally amazed with unicorns specially with their grace & power, even if i just have seen Twilight Sparkle & Rarity!😀

    1. admin says:

      Those are two of my favorites!!!

  7. Monique says:

    Wow what an interesting article. I guess I never really gave it any real thought on if unicorns are real or not. I know my four year old daughter certainly thinks they are. I enjoyed reading the history you gathered on the topic. Good luck and I hope your dreams comes true of actually finding one. What do you think it would look like?

    1. admin says:

      Well I would hope it would be full of color and sparkles.

  8. My sister would love this article! We went to a Christian school, and she once wrote a report on unicorns and how she believed they once existed. She had a beautiful unicorn sculpture named Killashandra.

    It looks like you put a lot into this article. Good job!

    1. admin says:

      Thank you Kellie, that’s so cool about your sister also.

  9. Aria Len says:

    I definitely believe unicorns are real! If a rhino can have horns and there is such a thing as a horse, what’s so crazy about there being a horse with a horn?

    Elephants have tusks as well, but we don’t think twice about the existence of those animals. I think the sighting of a unicorn is so rare that many believe they’re fictional characters created by writers, but we’re all aware that a species can become extinct, or be so evasive that they’re hard to find.

    So yes, I most certainly do believe in unicorns. It’s really not that hard for me to wrap my mind around.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you for checking out our article Aria.

  10. Johnny says:

    I like the mythological aspects of unicorns, it’s really intresting they are mentioned in so many different cultures. What makes people create so similar stories in different places in the world. This also reminds me about the greek mythological creature Pegasus. Who was a flying stalion, but without a horn. Pegasus is some how related to the dead of Medusa. Thank you for an educational post.

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Glad you were able to enjoy the article Johnny, with the popularity of unicorn seemingly at an all time high we figured why not share a little history about them.

  11. Remy says:

    My daughter used to drag us all out into the woods looking for unicorns when she was 5 or 6.  We had some fun times strolling around waiting for our unicorn moment.  Unfortunately it never happened.  

    A little bit of mysticism in life is a good thing. I liked to encourage her that there is more to the world that what you can see.  Lots of things are hidden in plain site.

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      I agree this world we live in today can be so ugly at times, and a lot of us spend our days staring at electronic devices. Nothing wrong with escaping it all strolling the woods looking for unicorns, even if it is just in our imagination.

      Hey and if Bigfoot and Nessie can exist why not unicorns right???

  12. Sondra M says:

    OMG – what a fun website!!!  The picture of the unicorn you have is gorgeous.     I own a small farm related gift shop and somebody mentioned unicorns the other day.   Since a unicorn is so similar to a horse, I thought that I would look into what kind of unicorn merchandise is available. In December, we are already planning spring and summer. 

    Now I have a question for you.   Are unicorns with wings, like the one in the picture, extra special?   Also, most unicorns that I have seen are white.   I wonder why that is?   

    p.s.   I don’t think the unicorns in the other cultures are nearly as beautiful as the ones that prance around in my head.   I’ve had grey horses but no unicorns.   So, they live in my imagination for now.  

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Hello Sondra, and thank you for coming by and taking the time to check out our site. I would have to imagine that anything that can fly is more special that something that cannot, and even if they arent…dont they look so much cooler?

      Most unicorns pictured are white, because it shows the purity associated with them as they are considered pure in heart.

      Legend has it however that there are black unicorns, and a few other different colored ones depending on the region of the world they are found.

  13. Daniel says:

    I really think that this is great article Cheyenne! Honestly I don’t believe in unicorns as I have never see one and I think that they are only a legend. My daughter like to watch movies with unicorns and she believe that they exist. I must say that this animals are awesome and it would be great if they actually exist.

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Thank you Daniel, we agree that unicorns as we currently imagine them probably dont exist, but we can dream cant we? haha. We just wanted show the history of unicorns and unicorn type creatures that helped shape what we have come to know as unicorns presently.

  14. Boby says:

    Shamefully, I didn’t know that much about unicorns.
    Other than the fact that they’re magical creatures…
    For example, the fact that unicorn’s tear or blood can heal – this is mind-blowing!
    I wish I would see one someday.
    Such an informative and engaging article!
    Thank you so much for sharing it!

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Glad you enjoyed it Boby and thank you so much for checking out our site and taking the time out of your day to leave a comment. Ive never seen a real unicorn either, but would love nothing more than to see one some day as well.

  15. julienne murekatete says:

    Thank you for sharing with us this great post on Unicorns.I don’t think that Unicorns exist only in imagination of people .

    I always watch animated films where the Unicorns help in fighting which is not possible because they can’t bbe as intelligent as they show in films.

    Maybe you can make a miracle and find a real Unicorn for us.Lol.

    Anyway,I like the way you write your articles.

    Keep it up and I am waiting for Unicorn caught by you.

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Trust me if I do ever find a unicorn, you will all now about it immediately haha. While we probably know unicorns as imagined by us today likely have never roamed the earth but we will forever hold a glimmer of hope that they did. in the meantime will continue to bling ourselves out in everything unicorn.

  16. David McCarthy says:

    Hi this is a very interesting article. Really, I just thought that unicorns were just imaginary animals that could fly. I never knew that they actually existed. I am thinking to myself that if they really did exist that maybe there could still be some out there, unless they were killed by poachers.

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Unicorns as we currently picture them or dream of them to be probably never did exist or exist today, but I wont stop dreaming. Also sadly you are probably correct that if they did exist they most likely would definitely be s target of poachers.

  17. Snap Brisk says:

    Very interesting post. I never thought that unicorns could be real. After reading this post I think they were real a long time ago. My 6 years old daughter is in love with Unicorns, she has her own collection… As well she has dresses, t-shirts, pillows, bedcover and a lot of soft unicorn toys… She even believes in Rainbow Dash and talking all the time about her… If they do exist it will be really incredible to see one (especially for kids). Thank you for sharing such a great post.

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Glad you found our site and were able to enjoy our article. Yes it is crazy the amount of unicorn products that our available today…it is endless. Would be the happiest day of my life if they do exist and I get to see one.

  18. Lok Which says:

    It’s really nice reading this great post from your site. I love unicorns but it’s amazing knowing they exist before the birth of Jesus. Unicorns are real but I’ve never seen one and I do really hope I come across one.

    Thanks for posting some historical facts about the unicorn, I’ll keep checking your site for more updates.

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Thank you for the comment and I think whoever finds one first needs to post a picture on this site for all of us.

  19. Loshane says:

    I think unicorns are so adorable and cute. I do believe that they are real, I always enjoy watching them in fairy tales. I Will definitely be checking your website for
    Do you guys have unicorn pendants for like bracelets or necklaces?

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      We are still a fairly new website and will be carrying pendants, bracelets, necklaces, etc in the future. We will also be launching our very own line of products so yes caome back and keep checking. In the meantime if you are ever looking for something let me know an we can find it for you.

  20. Michel says:

    What a great idea for a topic for a website. Unicorns are mystical creatures that have everyone’s interest, both adults and children. Everyone wants to find out more about unicorns and where they came from.

    I learn’t something new by reading your article today, as I never knew that they were mentioned in the Bible or that there were similar remains found of this mystical creature. I also didn’t know that they had cloven hooves, as just thought that their hooves would look like a horses hooves.

    I can only imagine that there must have been unicorns at one stage or another, just as there were dinosaurs.  Either the uinicorn has become extinct, or they are so magical that no one can manage to get a glimpse of a real one.

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Thank you Michel for coming by the site, wether they have or haven’t existed we won’t stop believing.

  21. Ngonidzashe Manzwangani says:

    Have no knowledge Unicorns, but have seen the image of this animal in many books, its quite a  unique creature, but I doubt its existence though. I am happy to hear you can research about its existence, that will be really awesome if you can find more information. I work in The Zimbabwe National Parks, so Animals is my passion, will really appreciate your updates about this animal

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Wow sounds like you have an amazing job, definitely a bucket list of mine to make it Africa some day. Even though unicorns as we picture them today probably don’t exist we will continue to hope and enjoy their beauty even if it is made up.

  22. hong says:

    That was a very interesting read. I do believe in unicorns. I had no idea that they existed before the birth of Jesu. I have never seen one before and I hope to see one in the future. Thank you for sharing this information.

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      So cool for you to stop by and leave a comment. I had no idea either until we started doing the research, it pretty interesting.

  23. Glen says:

    I enjoyed reading this post about unicorns. I suppose they may have existed at one time. After all, they are claimed to be mystical and mythical. I also learned something new about unicorns. Other cultures have their unique unicorns in their history. And I did not know that some countries include the unicorn in their coats of arms. It does not surprise me that the unicorn is the national animal of Scotland. What with the Loch Ness monster and kelpies, supernatural water horses.

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Hey Glen appreciate you coming by and leaving a comment. I agree too if people can believe in Loch Ness then why cant we believe in unicorns.

  24. James says:

    Wow, I wasn’t expecting to see the information you presented in this post. However, thanks for laying it out in a very easy-to-read way. I thought I was just going to read some fluff coming into this, but you actually presented some perceived factual information.  Interesting.  I did not know that there have been “sightings” of unicorns. Question: Since you believe they exist, where do you think they are geographically?

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Oh if only I knew the answer to that question James id be moving there tomorrow haha. If I had to guess Id say Scotland since they are the National Animal of Scotland and seem to have such a connection to that country. Feel free to check out our article on Unicorns and Scotland as well.

  25. scott says:

    hey there, i didnt know unicorn were around before jesus! To be honest i dont really know much about unicorns. i have always heard of them in passing or the movie legend brings a unicorn to mind. However your blog is very informative!

    im a little confused about the recent comment spot on the right side of the page. is that the product review section?

    thank you for all the useful information.

    all the best 


    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Hey Scott, yes we learned a lot of new info as well in our research of this article. As far as the recent comments section, yes those our comments on a review we did on a product The Poopsie Surprise Unicorn Toy.

  26. alexandra says:

    I love this and of course unicorns are real, they have developed like every other animal. I mean how else would you explain the rhino? I had no idea tho, that different cultures had their own version of the unicorn, it is very interesting to know. I am still hopeful that they are out there, perhaps we are just not meant to see them.

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Hello Alexandra, and we are with you as hoping they are really out there as well. Looking forward one day to write an article on here about my unicorn sighting if and when it ever happens haha. Thank you so much for checking out our site and leaving a comment.

  27. Nuttanee says:

    I didn’t know that Qilin can be related to unicorn, I learned something today! I always see Qilin in front of the temples, I am buddhist of course. 

    They found bones of a unicorn? How come I have never heard of this? I only heard about dragons and dinosaur on the history channel. That is exciting! Can’t wait to hear it from you that you encounter one. 

    Unicorn might be real in my opinion. Look at Chinese people, before they discovered panda bear. They thought that the Panda bear is an evil man-eating monster. Turns out, it is a vegan bear eating only bamboos. Very soon my friend, unicorn will come out in the open.

    Love your article. 

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Great point on the Panda Bears, it is cray how humans can just assume something, accept it as fact, only to find out we were completely wrong the whole time. Hopefully someone, preferably me, finds an actual unicorn or more evidence of their existence soon.

  28. Teal says:

    I am a unicorn believer. I have 3 of my own. Alas they come without a horn. Loved reading this post, beautiful to have our minds think, wonder, fantasise and imagine. I believe all mystical beasts existed, how would we have known to create these otherwise? Right ? Thanks for a beautiful post.

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Thank you so much, we definitely agree no reason you can believe and imagine whatever you want. Some days your imagination is all that gets you through the day.

  29. Sam Frederiksen says:

    Was quite a few facts i never knew about unicorns, was interesting to read. My daughter loves the my little pony stuff. She getting a bit older now 12yo. but still plays with them, I even caught some of her friends still playing with them too:) I secretly doubt they tell their other firends:) the whole I too cool to play with them now I am in high school, but they seem to have a bunch of fun. My daughter loves unicorns.

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Hello Sam, so happy to hear you learned something new from this article, we love to research and teach previously unknown facts about unicorns. Tell them to have no shame in playing with unicorn no matter how old they are, unicorns are magical and beautiful, so don’t worry about what anybody else thinks.

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