Do Unicorns Use Their Horns? The magical facts of the Unicorn Horn

Unicorns are pretty special and have many magical qualities about them.

Like their eyes that have the ability to see to your soul and pinpoint the very sources of any hurt or pain, they can see your fears, your joy, and sorrows. They can even see your dreams and if you let them your memories! A very handy thing to have in a magical friend as they can help you to never forget your happiest and most magical moments!

Magical Powers Of Their HornsDo Unicorns Horns Possess Magic

Their magical horns made of the purest gold can heal the wounded, the ill, turn muddy water into clear sparkling water and remove any poison from it too.

But that is not the only thing a Unicorn uses its horn for! They need it to guide their way through the darkest nights, snowy blizzards and heaviest fogs.

Many a time a Unicorn has helped a sailor through a storm by guiding them to shore with their golden light that shines so bright one could mistake it for a star!

If you are lucky enough to get to touch a Unicorns horn, you will have health and happiness your whole life long.

It is what gives them the magic to fly and help to communicate with you! A young Unicorn only comes into their magic when their horn starts to grown and they can only reach their true potential when their horn is fully grown.

You see unicorns don’t draw on magic from things such as the earth, nature, the heavens, trees, talismans and so on. Not like Harry Potter and his friends, they do not need wands and spells.

Oh no my friends because a Unicorns magic comes from within them having been born from magic, they are pure magic! Every time they use their magic, they give away a part of themselves! When they do it is done with love and compassion that bonds you to them. That is why there are no consequences or prices to pay for Unicorn Magic that is given freely.

Once you have been sprinkled by the power of Unicorn magic you and they will forever be connected! As a Unicorns hearty is part of their magic and when they form friendships they do so for life.

Their horns contain their most powerful magic of all a magic so strong that it could cure the sea of salt, stop a hurricane and turn dust into gold.

A Blessing And A Curse

It is because of their horns that they now have to hide allowing only certain special and very lucky people to see them.

But it was not always this way as once Unicorns roamed freely around the land where ever there was an enchanted forest protected by great white oak trees you would be sure to find a herd of magical Unicorns within.

The villages that surrounded these forests would be blessed by them as they would come out from time to time to roam freely amongst the people. Eat the delicious fruits and grain they offered and in return, they would spread their magic to ensure the villages would prosper. The sick got healed and the children were safe, fed and happy.

Do Unicorns Use Their Horns For Evil

They were not hunted or troubled instead they were welcomed and revered. Until one day in a kingdom that lay near such a forest and ruled by an evil greedy king became ill from being poisoned. As he lay dying in his bed, he remembered a story he overheard one of his servants telling. About these beasts with magical horns that blessed their village each year. How they could turn poisoned water into the purest drinking water of all.

He got his guards to hunt down the servant and made him tell his story. Then ordered him to take some of the juiciest apples from the King’s garden and as the Unicorns to help him.

The servant did what he was told and called upon the most powerful Unicorn of them all. His coast was spun of the softest fur and his mane was a long white satin sheen! But his horn was what made him the most powerful of all! Forged of solid gold it wove up straight and long, longer than any other unicorns.

The servant offered Gold Dust the basket of fine apples and begged him to please come help the King.

But Gold Dust refused the offering as he did not want to be connected to someone who’s heart was a black as coal. As that would taint Gold Dusts magic and all those, he had helped would get affected by the blackness too.

The servant went back to his king and told the king that Gold Dust could not help him. The king was outraged as he had never been refused in his life. So he ordered the servant to get Gold Dust’s horn no matter the cost or the servant’s whole family would be made to suffer.

A wizard at the castle spun a magic net and forged a special knife that would cut through gold. He told the servant that the net would not hold the Unicorn for too long, so he had to be quick and cut off the animal’s horn. He had to be careful not to harm the Unicorn or the magic in the horn would die.

The servant was saddened at what he had to do but he knew he had no way out as the king had already captured his family and sieged the entire village to just to make sure the servant would do what he was bid.

Taking gatherings of the finest fruits and grains from his village he set out to lure Gold Dust into the field as he could not capture him in the protection of the enchanted forest.

Not suspecting anything Gold Dust came out to see his old friend from the village as he went to take some of the apples the servant spread the magical net over him. As Gold Dust raised his head in shock the servant lunged and tried to cut off the horn. But Gold Dust pushed his head forward and the servant was struck by the horn his blood staining its pure gold.

The skies immediately started to blacken, and the earth rumbled as Gold Dust’s horn started to darken as did his main and skin. Tears rolled down the Unicorns cheeks as his remorse and pain at hurting his old friend flooded through him.

Having put a second plan into action in case the servant failed the king’s men surrounded Gold Dust who was still trapped beneath the magical net. The army moved in and removed the longhorn that was no longer gold but an inky black.

The army managed to get away before the magic of the net wore off freeing Gold Dust who fell to the ground crying out as he did. Hearing his call his herd found him, but it was too late Gold Dust was no more as they approached his body turned to ash and was taken away with the wind.

Having got the horn the king made his wizard turn it into a potion to help him. But the wizard warned him that it was most probably now tainted. The king refused to listen and drank the potion only to become even iller.

Furious the king ordered his army to hunt down every Unicorn they could find and anyone who helped the beasts would pay the price. And so the hunt for the unicorns began and as peaceful creatures, they had no option but to hide only showing themselves to those with a pure and open heart!

So There You Have It

We know that not only do unicorns use their horns, but they actually possess poweful magical powers. Unfortuantely it is because of these powers that unicorns have been pushed into hiding and exile and is probably why we no longer see them today.

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