While we have all searched for real life unicorns to ride, pet, feed, cuddle, etc, I doubt any of us have actually found one because I am sure I would have heard about it by now. So since they are so difficult to track down and find we need to look for alternatives in order to satisfy our unicorn cravings.

The Feber My Lovely Unicorn comes about as close as possible to finding a real unicorn. Blow your child’s mind this holiday season or for an upcoming birthday with a unicorn they can brush, groom, and most importantly ride. If you have a little unicorn lover in your family then you will want to continue reading about why this is the perfect gift for them.

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A Unicorn You Can Ride

The Feber is a first of it’s kind electric rideable unicorn on the market. It is powered by a rechargeable 12V battery and the charger is also included with the item. The 12V battery will provide you with about 50 minutes of riding time.

This unicorn will reach a speed of around 1.86 mph (some reviews claim faster), which is just fast enough to have a good time without any major risk of serious injury from higher speeds. The unicorn is equipped with purple reins so your child can steer the unicorn in the direction they wish to go. The unicorn is able to travel forward, backwards, left and right. For even more safety, the Feber unicorn comes with both a horn and lights in case they are riding as it’s getting dark outside.

Even so it is still highly recommended for your child to wear a helmet and whatever other safety equipment you may feel is necessary.

A Unicorn You Can Pet and Groom

That beautiful pink mane and tale is not going to brush itself, so it will be up to your child to brush and groom their unicorn. Feber provides a brush with the toy so your child will be able to keep up on the necessary grooming that is required when you are caring for a beautiful unicorn.

Afraid the brush will get lost or misplaced? Fear not, Feber has built the unicorn with a storage compartment on top of the unicorn for the brush and any other accessories you may have.

Once they have groomed the unicorns tail and mane do not forget to remind them to grab the unicorns magical horn that will light and make sound just from being touched.

Technical Informationfeber my lovely unicorn

  • Max Speed – 1.86 mph
  • Max Recommended Weight – 66.13 lbs
  • Recommended Age – 3 years
  • Battery Life – Up to 50 minutes
  • Dimensions – 27.55″ long 18.77″ wide 32.67″ high weight 27.99 lbs
  • Accessories – 12V Battery, charger, and hair brush


For detailed instructions about any assembly (if necessary) and operation click HERE

Our Review


  • Easy Set Up
  • High Quality Materials
  • Rolls Over Most Surfaces
  • Long Battery Life
  • Rechargeable
  • Durable
  • Endless Fun For The Kids Ridning and Grooming


  • Not Cheap
  • Low Inventory (out of stock in a lot places)
  • Some Customers Report Difficulty With Charger (customer sevice is usually able to help quickly)


feber my lovely unicornUnicorn Lovers Dream

If your child loves unicorns half as much as we do then there is just really no way you can go wrong with this gift. Whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday or some other special occasion you are sure to put and ear to ear smile on your child with their very own unicorn that they can pet, groom and ride.

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16 thoughts on “FEBER MY LOVELY UNICORN – Riders Up!!!”

  1. I do agree that this is a perfect gift for a present. It looks like lots of fun to ride. I did not see a price tag and was thinking that I might be too expensive to do a checkout.
    What is the price?

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      If you click on any of the links it gives you all of the price and shipping information if you are interested in purchasing one.

  2. Stella says:

    What a fascinating subject, makes one feel a kid again. Very good presentation and hope many kids got a unicorn for Christmas.

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Thank you Stella, yes we hope for many unicorns to be delivered also, haha

  3. Philip says:

    Hi Cheyenne,

    What an absolutley beautiful website! Thank you for your lovely article on Feber My Lonely Unicorn Product Review. I am tempted to buy something like this for my partners kid – but, hmmm, I am stuck between something like this and a learning aid I found for kids.

    Maybe I will get both. I have bookmarked your site and I am going to be checking for any updated content on your site – there is always a b-day somewhere waiting to buy for.

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Thank you so much Philip its greatly appreciated. If you ever are looking for something specific let me know.

  4. hong says:

    This is awesome. I had no idea they make these unicorns. This is going to be a great present for kids. I really appreciated the pros and cons of this unicorn. I will definitely be sharing this with my friends. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Glad to hear that Hong thank you so much for coming by

  5. Mark Baker says:

    What a great gift for any young Unicorn lover. At least they will have an idea of how to pet and groom a Unicorn in case they ever should come across a real one. 😉 

    I have a young niece who I think would love your website so I’ll certainly be showing her what is available and who knows maybe she may just find her next birthday present here.


    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Thank you Mark really appreciate that. She is welcome here anytime and tell her to feel free to ask us any questions she has.

  6. Eric Cantu says:

    After checking out another one of your posts I stumbled into this one and couldn’t help but bookmark it. My nieces are going to love your site lol. This idea of a unicorn they can ride is going to be all they’re thinking about once they get wind of it. Great theme throughout your site! Thanks for this!

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Thank you so much for the kind words Eric, would love to hear what your nieces think of the site once they check it out, if you have time please let us know.

      This toy is the perfect toy for any unicorn lover out there, I mean its as close as you can get to having the real thing.

  7. Olatoye Dolapo says:

    I really love the review on Feber, I would love to get my kid sister one if it was in the age range for the use of this product. I love unicorns and pictures of products of unicorns. 

    Thank you for giving us the full detail on these products, even though I see that it’s not cheap. Thank you

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Hello Olatoye, this is definitely not a cheap toy, however it is really well made and will last a lifetime. This toy is a ton of fun and you will have a hard time getting your kid sister off of it.

  8. Dhayours says:

    It’s amazing how the unicorn toys have increased in their designs. During my own days, we just had little toys like the size of legos. Buh now, kids can have unicorn toys that they can ride on. Isn’t that so amazing? Kids of today would definitely have more fun than us. 

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Haha oh yes the toys that are out today are just amazing. I guess they kind of need to be extra amazing to compete with kids spending so much time on iphones and ipads.

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