If you have kids, especially a young daughter, then you must have been living under a rock this year to not have heard about the Poopsie Surprise Unicorn toys. As popular as the original little Poopsie Surprise Unicorn toys were, the release of the “Giant” version became this years must have toy.

We could not resist getting our unicorn loving hands on one of these hot toys so we shopped and shopped until we were actually able to find one. Leading up to Christmas even retail giants like Walmart and Amazon were out of stock. We were able to strike gold at Target and here is our review.

What Exactly Is It?poopsie unicorn surprise toy

The Giant Poopsie Surprise Unicorn is exactly what it says it is, it is a giant version of the original Poopsie Slime Surprise toys. The toy comes in a big box that you cannot see inside of so what unicorn you get is a complete surprise. Inside you will find your giant unicorn toy, packets of unicorn magic, unicorn food, unicorn sparkle, unicorn shimmer, a bottle, a toilet, underwear, a hair brush, measuring cup, storage key chain, a spoon and a cleaning toy.


The object is fairly simple you feed your unicorn a concoction of the shimmer, sparkle, food and water. You then give your unicorn an upside down shake, place it on the toilet, and press the heart button on its tummy until it poops out glittery, sparkly slime into the toilet.

After your unicorn relieves itself you clean her all up and then brush and maintain that beautiful hair. The toy comes with enough packets to this a few times.

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target red cardPackaging

In our opinion the package on the outside is beautiful, its colorful and has rainbows just like any unicorn toy should. It comes with a handle on top also to make carrying around the fairly large case easier.

Once you get it unwrapped it basically looks like a big white capsule. Opening it up requires unlatching three tight clips that hold it together, and is probably too difficult for a lot of little ones to open on their own. Once you can get the clips to release however it opens pretty easily.

Feeding the Unicorn

This process while a little time-consuming is not really too difficult and is actually a lot of fun. First thing you need to do is adjust the setting on the back of the unicorn to the feeding position.

The feeding begins with the appetizer, a fresh batch of unicorn shimmer. You simply empty the packet of unicorn shimmer in the bowl and feed it to your unicorn using the provided spoon. Make sure the spoon goes all the way into the mouth and then turn the spoon a full circle to ensure the unicorn shimmer gets to it belly.

After the appetizer your unicorn will be very thirsty so fill your measuring cup with water up to the lowest line on the cup which is 5 mL. You “can” use the spoon like the directions say to give your unicorn the water but we found this to be difficult and too time consuming so we carefully poured into the mouth straight from the cup.

Now for the main course…some homemade unicorn food. To begin you will want to unscrew the lid to the provided bottle. Pour a full packet of the unicorn food into the bottle, followed by 25 mL of water which is the top line on your measuring cup. Screw the lid back on, place your finger over the straw to prevent spillage, and begin shaking the cup to mix the food and water together. Between this step and the next 5 steps, the directions recommend not allowing more than 2 minutes to pass. Now you place the straw in the unicorn’s mouth and squeeze the bottle and all contents have been emptied from the bottle.

poopsie surprise unicorn toy

Poop Time

By now you have fed your unicorn and it likely has a very full belly, so its time to poop, and by poop we mean make glittery slime. First thing you are going to want to do is switch the dial on the unicorn’s back to the rocking position. Then you will need to turn your unicorn upside down and rock it back and forth for 15 seconds.

Now the next two things you need to do are place the bowl in the toilet and remove the unicorn’s underwear Next you need to move the unicorn’s legs outwards and place it on the toilet seat. Then you simply press the heart button on its tummy and wait for the magical poopy slime to appear in the toilet bowl.

Our big mistake was being too excited and trying to play with the slime immediately…do not do this, it is just a sticky mess at this point. Follow the directions and allow it to set for 10-15 minutes in the bowl, if there is excess water mix it with the spoon.

Open a pack of unicorn magic and use half of it, as well as a little of the unicorn sparkle packet. Just a heads up you only have one packet of unicorn, so do not use all of it or you will not have anymore for future batches. After these are added mix it up with your hands until you are happy with how it looks and feels. Your key chain opens up at the bottom and can be used to store your slime, I mean poop of course.

To clean up just add more water into the unicron’s body, shake it up and push the heart as you would if it was pooping. To get any of the stubborn slime out, you can access the receptacle in the back of the unicorn and clean with the tool.

unicorn poopsie surprise toy


We had an absolute blast doing this together as a family. It was not too difficult or too tedious to the point where you got bored or frustrated. If you follow the directions its is fairly quick and easy and is so much fun. Its obvious why this was the hot toy of the years and cannot recommend it enough for any little unicorn lovers you may know

  • PRODUCT: Giant Poopsie Surprise Unicorn
  • PRICE: $49.99
  • RECOMMEDED AGE: 4 years and up w/ adult supervision (Manufacturer recommends 6 and up)
  • MATERIAL: Plastic
  • DIMENSIONS: 12.5 inches (H) x 6.0 inches (W) x 16.0 inches (D)
  • WEIGHT: 2.5 pounds
  • OUR RATING: 9.5 out of 10







36 thoughts on “POOPSIE SURPRISE UNICORN TOY – Our Review”

  1. sheilandc says:

    Hahhaha I know just who to give this to. I find this hilarious lol. I think she’s going to have so much fun with this. I can’t wait to record her opening and playing this toy on video. Thanks for sharing, this is the perfect birthday gift coming soon. She’s going to have a blast for sure 🙂

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Awesome Sheila we would love to hear about her reaction when you have a chance also.

  2. Cathy Cavarzan says:

    This is such a wonderful toy . It reminds me of the baby alive dolls from years gone by. Some improvements on the feeding process. But the concept is the same . The fact that it is a unicorn aads a touch of magic to the finished product which is of course sparkly poop. My nieces both got one and they love it!!

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Thast so awesome they both got one. Yes it is such a cool toy and concept we love it.

  3. Abagatan says:

    I don’t live in a palace that has all the things including this Poopsie Surprise Unicron. So I tried to imagine what’ the use of this little thing.  It was described that it is in the toilet but I can’t imagine if it’s for cleaning the toilet bowl or something that is used to clean the whole comfort room.

    But I love how it’s presented because the family enjoyed what they had done. Maybe I will go to the market and look for this toy and be able to know what really exact the purpose and use of it. I enjoyed reading it.

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      It’s just for fun, two of the most popular things with kids now are unicorns and DIY slime. This toy basically just combines both things.

  4. PEARL AWA says:

    Hmmm, this is the first time I’ve heard of a toy Unicorn that poops.
    This will really be a fun gift idea for my niece.
    Thanks for your review.
    Keep up the great work.

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Thank you and yes they are so much fun, we really had a great time with the toy.

  5. Derek says:

    What do you do with the slime after? And you said there was only one packet of unicorn, can you get more of the supplies or would you have to buy another whole toy? My daughter loves all this unicorn stuff, I got her the QtGirl unicorn robe, but if I was to buy this for her I’m afraid she would use it all at once and she’d be out. 

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      They give you a keychain that opens up and you can store the slime in there. Also yes you can find replacement packs online.

  6. Grace says:

    My girl’s birthday is in few months time and I’ve have been wondering what to give her as her birthday present. She love things that are cute, rainbow coloured, and she love slime. This toy is like everything she wants in a single gift! 

    I think this toy is so entertaining, not just for kids but also for adults . Can’t imagine everyone’s excitement when they see the glittering slime ‘poop’! 

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      It really is a lot of fun, if she does end up getting it please let us know how she liked it.

  7. Clement says:

    Thank you for this nice review, though I don’t have a female daughter but am still guilty of living under the rock like you stated because I have not in any way heard about the poopsie unicorn surprise. I like those stuffs it comes with such as food, toilet, shimmer, brush e. is a nice way of teaching little kids parenting(Lols).

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Hello Clement, yes it is a really neat toy, so much fun to spend a night doing with your child.

  8. Ty says:

    Why does this toy look like a mixture of a Bratz doll and a my Little pony. I forgot toys even existed to be honest. It looks like a wonderful toy for any child. And the color options look to be plentiful and interesting. It’d be pretty cool if the dolls could move. I wonder if they plan to make another doll. These are so reminiscent to the dolls of like the early 2000s

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Haha yes they do look exactly like a cross between Bratz and My Little Pony, that’s so funny. I have no information as far as if they plan to make one that moves or make any changes going forward but im sure they will do something new with them.

  9. Jenny says:

    hahaha never heard about this, it sounds so funny!! Unicorns are so cute, I could never imagine the rainbow poop but it makes sense 😄 no doubt it was in the top lists this Christmas.

    Ohh my little cousins would love this and it looks like a lot of family time.

    It could be a good resource for toddlers  potty training, don’t you think?

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Hello Jenny, yes I don’t see how it could hurt to use this alongside potty training a child. Never crossed my mind until you mentioned it but makes perfect sense.

  10. Marissa says:

    I was smiling the whole time I’m reading your article 😀. This is the first time I’ve learned about this poopsie surprise unicorn toy. My 4-year-old daughter will definitely love this. She was doing most of the activities you’ve mentioned this giant poopsie unicorn is doing to her dolls! She was making an imaginary food, bed, toilet etc etc. I can already picture the smile on her face once she gets one of this.

    Thanks again!

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      That’s awesome Marissa Im sure she will love this then because we had a blast with it…so much fun.

  11. Robert Trevor says:

    Poopsie Surprise Unicorn Toy

    Why is a Unicorn that poops such a Favourite with children?

    What do you Do with the unicorn slime?

    I find this a very strange toy to be giving to my grandchildren.I would prefer to give my grandchildren an educational toy,as this will help them ,and build them up in a positive way.

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      The toy is made simply to enjoy and to have fun with, not to take too seriously. The reason we feel it is so popular with children is because unicorn and slime are two of the most popular trending toy for kids today, and this tor combines them both into one toy.

      After you produce the slime a keychain is provided that you can open up and it stores you slime so you can continue to play with it without it going bad.

      We are also for educational toys but there is also nothing wrong sometimes with just having some simple fun.

  12. Nuttanee says:

    Aweee that is soooo cute!! I wish I have this kind of toy that I can play with when I was younger. The best I got was my only barbie, you can only comb her hair and change her clothes and that was it lol This is so adorable it poops slime lol Not sure if my friend will like it or not but I am sure Samantha will love it. Will consider getting it for her birthday 🙂

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Thank you we agree we just think this is the cutest toy and can completely see why it was so popular after playing with it. Let us know which unicorn Samantha gets and how she likes it after her birthday.

  13. scott says:

    I was able to get this for my little girl for christmas and it has turned into one of her top gifts. she absalutely loves it. like you mentioned it was hard to locate one during the holidays. i also was able to purchase one from target, so they must have stocked up! Great review and explination of the product. 

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Awesome to hear Scott, yes we really had such a great time with it…so much fun. Which unicorn did she get inside if you don’t mind me asking?

  14. sarwat says:


    this is the first time I’ve heard of a toy Unicorn that poops.this will really be a fun gift idea for my little cousin sister

    What i think this toy is not only a fun for kids but adults too

    How many pieces we can buy in a single purchase?

    I really enjoyed while reading your article


    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Oh yes it was equally fun for the adults and children, everyone will have a great time with this toy. All the pieces I highlighted in the article come in the box, I believe its 15 pieces in all.

  15. Jean says:

    The “Poopsie Surprise Unicorn Toy” is giving me flashbacks. Back in my childhood days, I played with a similar one at daycare. Always had a blast with other kids with these toys. The only issue was when clean-up came around. Anyway, keep on dropping that good content. Wish you the best.

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      The clean up is fairly easy but can be a little time consuming get the last little bit out of the toy itself. You just unlatch the back and use water an the tools provided and you will be all good.

  16. Paul says:

    OMG!  I guess I have been under a rock as I never heard of this until today. Someone at work was telling me about it and I just had to check it out. I am surprised by the amount of detail you’ve provided in your review, awesome!  Now I have to ask, is there any scent to the slime /poopy?

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Hello Paul, yes these toys were the must have toy this last Holiday season. Unfortunately no there is no scent to the slime, I guess however, you could add a scent to it without any problem or anything.

  17. Judy says:

    This sounds like a toy every little girl would simply adore  but not wanting to be a party pooper I think you would have to insist that the only poop they play with is that of the unicorn doll. It is special poop made just for little girls to enjoy and perhaps could be used as an aid in toilet training the very young children.

    The dolls themselves look adorable and most little girls would enjoy caring for them and their basic needs. 

    I love your the colorful layout of the site and will certainly be looking out for these next time I am in Target.

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Hello Judy, yes definitely a quick talk about this being fake and fun poop you can play with is for sure a good idea before hand. They toy is really a lot of fun, would make for a great time on a night to get the whole family around the table and just have some innocent fun.

  18. Dhayours says:

    While I was growing up, I didn’t have any unicorn toy but I fancied having one. I loved those fictional creatures so much that I began seeing them in my dreams and sometimes imaginations. I would love for kids of today to have that same experience as it’s going to make their childhood fun. 

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Seeing you mentioning unicorns in your dreams…did you know there is actually a meaning for seeing a unicorn in your dreams. Stay tuned for an upcoming article we have that explains the meanings of unicorn dreams.

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