UNICORN RING TOSS- A magical game of ring toss

If you are looking for a new game for your upcoming family game night, we have the perfect game to get the kids involved. Unicorn Ring Toss is an easy, entertaining, and challenging game that gets you and your kids up and active, and put smiles on everyones faces.

So get the popcorn popped, the snacks spread out, drinks on ice, and be ready to compete in a magical unicorn themed ring toss game with your family. We promise you will love every second of this game as you laugh and make everlasting memories together.

What’s Included

Once you get your game home and open it up it will include the following items inside the box:

  • 2 Unicorn Hats with Horns
  • 6 Colored rings
  • 1 Instruction Sheet

Setting Up The Game

This game is intended for 2-4 players ages 6 and up. As mentioned there are six colored rings that come with the game, 3 pink and 3 purple, and each color has a large, medium, and small ring. You will begin by separating these rings apart and give one team the 3 pink rings and the other team the 3 purple rings.

The next step is determining who on each team will be the catcher of the rings and which person will be the tosser of the rings. Once you have determined this the people who will be the catchers of the rings will each put the unicorn hats with horns on their heads, and place themselves around 3 feet away from their partner who will be throwing the rings.

Its Game Time

Whichever team has the youngest competitor on their team that is who will go first. Whoever is the one tossing the rings will start throwing one ring at a time at their partners head aiming for the horn. The player with the unicorn hat on cannot use their hands in order to aid in catching the rings they must only use the attached horn.

unicorn ring toss

Each ring that lands on the horn is worth one point. As soon as the first team has thrown their 3 rings the second team will go and take their turn. After the second team goes that will be the end of the first round, you can continue for as many rounds as you like rotating who is the unicorn and who is the tosser.

If there is a tie, you repeat the game but this time you stand 4 feet apart.

Only Have Two Players? No Problem

If you only have you and another person available to play do not worry you can still enjoy this magical game. In this case the oldest player goes first and throws all 6 rings 1 ring at a time to player 2 who has the unicorn hat on. Same rules apply here as well, no hands allowed when it comes to catching the rings…only use your horn.

You then just repeat the above steps and have player 2 throw to player 1.

If there is a tie between the two of you use the same tiebreaker as you would for 4 players, you just move back to 4 feet apart.


One Other Variation On How To Play

There is a third way in which you can enjoy this Unicorn Ring Toss game, and this is by setting up a predetermined score, play simultaneously and the first team to reach that score wins the game.

You could also make a rule where you have to win a certain number of rounds, for example first to win 4 rounds wins or first team to win a best of 7 rounds.

How Do You Win

SIMPLE…catch the most rings on your magical unicorn horn.

Best Of Luck

Remeber this is family and or friends you are playing with so no hard feelings if you come out on the short end, you can always strap the unicorn hat back on and go right back at it. Just make sure to leave all bad vibes behind you at the door, loosen up and just have a great time, that is really what this game is all about.

Once you try this game out your kids will be begging you every night to play this game for family game night, and trust us you will be more than happy to go along with it.

8 thoughts on “UNICORN RING TOSS- A magical game of ring toss”

  1. Dhayours says:

    I’ve seen several ring toss games but I haven’t seen a unicorn ring toss game. It’ll really be a magical game indeed. Unicorns are said to be magical creatures and creating games out of the fiction is going to be interesting. I’ll so much love to play a unicorn ring toss game. Thank you. 

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      This game is definitely magical and is so much fun for the whole family from young to old, Its a great way to have an entertaining night making memories that will last a lifetime.

  2. Peter hanley says:

    This really provides an action game with the relevant planning and fun. Unicorns are the symbol of fun and are presently extremely popular with the young and not so young.This would make an ideal present for the Grands to buy as they are always looking for unique gifts that provide enjoymentand fun for the little ones.Peter H

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Hello Peter, we agree with the symbolism of unicorns, and yes they are beyond popular with kids-teenagers. I am sure your grandkids would love this game as well, I have yet to play with someone who didn’t thoroughly enjoy this game.

  3. francis says:

    Hello Cheyenne, it is an awesome review.  it clearly shows that this game is a suitable family game which creates bonding time. I like the part where it shows the players using the Unicorn rings game, it is very fun, entertaining and shows a good time even if there are only 2 players.The review that you made is very engaging and surely it will convert visitors into buyers.

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Hello Francis, it really is a fun and entertaining game and is great for the whole family regardless of age. Thank you for coming by the site and leaving us a comment, best of luck!!!

  4. Michel says:

    This game looks like a lot of fun, and good for dexterity as well. I love to have a collection of games for the kids to enjoy, and this one is a great one to add to the collection.

    I like that you have included an extra way to play it. Is this one not included in the instructions that come with the game? If so it’s always a great idea to have different ways in which you can play one game, to alleviate boredom.

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Hello Michel, the extra way I gave for you to play does come with the instructions, I cannot take credit for that unfortunately. However, Im sure you can come up with a unique way to play the game and if you do please stop by and share with us.

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