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We are not just about silly toys or fun little articles about unicorns, when we say all things unicorns we mean it. If you are a parent reading this then you already know how important it is to start putting money aside for your child as soon as possible. So continue reading to see a fun way to start investing for your child that has a unicorn twist to it.

Precious metals have been used as form of currency, jewelry, and art for thousands of years now. Precious metals are rare naturally occurring elements that because of their rarity they possess economic value.

The two most popular of these metals are gold and silver of which both have been seen as economic hedges when there is fear of inflation, recession or any other cause of an economic downturn. Most recessions or downturns occur every 10 years historically and we are sitting at exactly 10 years from the Great Recession of 2008. Also, all the recent volatility in the stock market has a lot of investors scared of where the economy may be headed.

Silver has become the more popular of the two mainly because of its affordability and as well its price not being as tightly associated to the market as gold and platinum are. As of the writing of this article the price for 1 oz of silver is sitting at $15.43 which is very low, and should see a turnaround especially, not if, but when the next downturn occurs.

If you are currently investing or saving in some way for your child, why not diversify the way you invest for them and as mentioned earlier hedge against inflation or any economic issues that will show up from time to time.

Before we show you some cool unicorn themed coins you can purchase here are just some reasons why it is smart to invest in precious metals like silver.

Silver Is Equal to Moneyunicorn silver rounds

Silver has served as a form of money and currency for thousands of years now and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Unlike when you invest in stocks and bonds, you do not need to have a third party to hold up their end of a promise or say contract.

If you have silver you can use it to purchase goods and or barter for an item, pretty much anyone will take silver as a form of payment for goods if need be. Silver has also to date never been defaulted on, so unlike almost all other investments you may make, with silver there is no default risk.

Silver Inventories are Decreasing

There was a time when most governments held stockpiles of silver inventory, however that is no longer the case today with only a handful of countries still doing so, one of them being the United States. As a matter of fact since 1996 government silver inventories have fallen nearly 76%.

A major factor to this decrease is the fact that silver is no longer used in a countries coinage. However, industrial use of silver is skyrocketing, and you probably do not realize how often you are using a product with silver in it.

Silver is one of the most thermal and electric conductive metals out there and it is also the most reflective metal. That’s why there is such a demand for silver in electronics, cell phones, hospital equipment and jewelry.

unicorn silver coin

Simple Case of Supply and Demand

Since the early part of this decade silver supply has plummeted down over 70%. This was mostly caused from a price crash in silver around 2011. Because of this crash there was no profit to be made in the mining of silver so miners turned elsewhere.

At the same time in this decrease in supply world demand is growing rapidly. The growth in the demand for silver in China and India is rising almost daily and simple math when you look at the populations of those countries will tell you why this is one of the big reasons in the spike in demand

It is not however limited to just these two countries either almost all government mints in the world are operating at peak production levels. At some point this spike in demand will crash into the reduced supply and that usually results in higher spot prices for silver, and if you hold silver before that happens that will be good news as far as return on investment goes.

silver unicorn coinsAffordability and Practicality

Many people who want to start investing in precious metals focus on gold and are scared away by the large price tags when it comes to golf. Silver is but a mere fraction of what it cost to start investing in gold making it easier to begin acquiring silver and getting exposure to precious metals.

Silver is far more practical when it comes to cashing in in times of need or financial emergency. Whatever the need for the money is at the time it might not be worth cashing in a whole ounce of gold, but with silver you can sell just the amounts you need to meet the financial need.

What About the Unicorns???

Okay Okay we are getting to the point to where we can show you how unicorns tie into all of this. The Silver Queens Beast Series from the United Kingdoms mint has a series of coins that feature the unicorn. The coins are made of .999 fine silver and come in a variety of weights and colors. So why not invest in something that your child can see, touch, enjoy, and appreciate all while having little to no risk in losing your investment. Below we will highlight some different sizes and styles available in this unicorn series of coins:


unicorn silver coins






unicorn silver beast






unicorn colored power coin






unicorn ruthenium coin






unicorn burning power coin





unicorn silver coin antique finish










19 thoughts on “UNICORN SILVER COINS – Invest in style”

  1. Nuttanee says:

    I have heard from all the economists that we will hit a bad recession this year and we are better off investing in gold and silver. since I have been thinking about it I might just buy a few per month as an investment. I am just gonna invest in the unicorn style lol It should bring me the prosperity since it is the symbol of one lol Love it.

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Yes it is hard to say exactly when a recession will hit, and we aren’t trying to scare people into buying gold and silver. Just want to share and make aware that historically we are in the timeframe of when a recession is due to hit, and to share what the benefits of investing in precious metals can be.

      Since we are a sight dedicated to all things unicorns we though it was a perfect fit for our site.

  2. Cora Mitchell says:

    Very interesting article on “Unicorn Silver Coins”.  I wasn’t aware of all the different types of silver coins available to purchase.  A few years ago, my son and I started buying a few silver coins and then we sort of lost interest in them, I think we thought the market was going up fast and it’s been more of a slow process.

    My question for you is this, I would like your opinion:

    1.  Say you invest in the 2018 UK Silver Beast Unicorn 2oz for $62.45 (buy 10), then buy 10 of the 2018 GB Silver Beast Unicorn Burning Power Coin (2oz) @ $164.95….. they are both 2 oz. of silver but one is $62.45 and the other is $164.95, if the price of silver doubles, will both of these coins double in price?

    So in your opinion is it a better investment to buy 2oz. (plain unicorn coin) or the more decorated 2oz. coin?

    Thank you for such an informative article on Silver Unicorn Coins and the advantages of saving them as an investment.


    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      It depends on what you are really trying to do and maybe I will go back to article and emphasize this as well. If you are simply just doing it for an investment purpose that you should probably just buy plain silver coins as close to spot price as possible. These unicorn coins are more of collectors item which is why you see the difference in prices. They have the. Value of the silver itself and for being a collectors item.

  3. Daniel Gonzales says:

    Hello Cheyenne,

    Thank you for creating this very informative article on unicorn silver coin investments. I’ve been skeptical about silver in the past due to the supply crash that you were talking about in the article back in 2011. I think there was a similar craze about it before that happened and alot of people invested in it.

    You present a great argument for it in that there will be more need for it abroad and not enough supply. You make a great case in that it is much cheaper to invest in than gold and can pay off better since it has more uses for industrial. I think waiting for the market to dictate the price could be a great strategy. Especially if supply runs low and you have a great amount of it to sell.

    You presented some great facts and information here that I will definitely consider. I was thinking of investing into gold myself, until I researched more about the costs associated with an entity that holds that gold and the yearly fees they charge for the account. Plus, you can’t really be sure that you could get your gold buliion bars from the repository that is far away in a time of crisis. Would a paper certificate of ownership really be enough in that case? That is the million dollar question.

    I think it would be safer to invest in silver and it may even be easier to store in our own warehouse or place of residence. Thank you for presenting these coins as a silver investment option. I will look into it. 

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Hello Daniel, I myself keep all of my silver stored in a safe at my house, I just don’t trust in a situation, like you mentioned, to be able to get access to them if they are stored elsewhere and it is a crisis if I need them.

  4. Abagatan says:

    Anything and every kind of legal investments are entered into by a parent just to ensure the future of their children are secured. However, as an investor, I do have the problem of how to identify the right metal I am investing in because there are lots of experiences where people were scammed from metals such as gold and pieces of jewelry.

    Is there a way you can outrightly say that what is being sold in the market or by anybody is a real metal or it contains the right measurement proportional to the amount you are exchanging?

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      The weight of the silver is minted onto the coin proving it is the correct weight. As with any investment definitely do your research on the seller, whenever money is involved there will be people trying to scam you.

      Another place you could go to purchase precious metals from is APMEX they are a very trusted site when it comes to buying metals.

  5. Karin Nauber says:

    My 5 year old granddaughter—who wants to be a ballerina, princess unicorn when she grows up—would absolutely love this. She loves to save money, too—for our new house! When I showed her the coins she screamed and nearly flew out of her skin with her excitement. Her favorite ones were the colored and the burning power coins! To be honest, those are my favorites, too! As far as using these silver coins as an investment, I am thinking that if I ever let my granddaughter have them, I would never get them back! Do you know what the total value of the coins is? I see the list prices on Amazon and in your article you had stated that “1 oz of silver is sitting at $15.43”. These 2 oz. coins are selling for WAY more than $30.86. I assume some of that has to do with the craftsmanship of the coins? I will be looking into these coins further. I look forward to your reply. Thanks!

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Hello Karin, these coins are also considered collectors items which is why they have elevated prices over where silver itself sits. If you are looking to just invest simply in silver than I highly recommend just buying plain silver rounds.

      I mentioned to someone else who commented something similar to you that I will go bac and edit this article and explain it a little better also,

  6. Tony says:

    Hi Cheyenne:

    This is awesome post you’ve got here! Very insightful.. One thing I know for sure about silver coin is that the more you pay upfront, the higher the silver price has to climb for you to recoup your investment and make a profit. I’m very bullish on silver

    Also, no precious metals portfolio is complete without an allocation to silver bullion. Just like gold bullion, it’s a reliable safe-haven investment in any financial climate. Furthermore, silver has some unique qualities that have made it valuable for thousands of years and continue to push its value higher and because of these attributes, silver holds the potential for both protection and profit. Your website post is a good guide that explains everything someone needs to know about silver coins as an investment. I will definitely consider this in my next phase of investment – I think your unicorn silver coins would make a profitable investment.



    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Hello Tony, the main point of my article was to show people how silver can be a good investment and hedge agains inflation and recession. The unicorn coins are also more of a coin collectors item and were previewed on my site since we are a unicorn themed site ourselves.

  7. tcheck says:

    those are so awesome coins and look like art ,could be collected as such,lots of people have been leaning toward investing in precious metals, but like myself don’t know how it works ,so you buy these coins they go up lets hope, but when its time to cash in where do you take them to cash out?? as a kid i used to collect coins it was fun but after 40 years didn’t amount to much makes me wonder,but it would be nice to have something to hold in your hands verse a paper bank statement…..IOU thanks for the insight

  8. charles39 says:

    Their is nothing worse than a recession that will deplete all the money in the bank so I  will agree with you  unicorn is the way to go as form of investment when recession comes we shall have cushioned our self  and our investment will be intact. And after recession we shall  be more  financially stable because we lost nothing. That nice of investment

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Hello Charles, we feel more like silver and gold itself will be the smart investment not just these unicorn coins. We just shared these since we are a unicorn website while explain why silver is a safe and smart investment. These coins are also collectors items which is why they sell for what they do.

  9. tcheck says:

    those are so awesome coins and look like art ,could be collected as such,lots of people have been leaning toward investing in precious metals, but like myself don’t know how it works ,so you buy these coins they go up lets hope, but when its time to cash in where do you take them to cash out?? as a kid i used to collect coins it was fun but after 40 years didn’t amount to much makes me wonder,but it would be nice to have something to hold in your hands verse a paper bank statement…..IOU thanks for the insight

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      In order to redeem the coins it depend what you are redeeming. It is simple silver coins or bullion you could simply just go to a pawn shop and they will likely give you spot price for the silver. The coins in this article however I wouldn’t recommend doing that as these have value as collectors items not just their metal. You would want to find a coin shop or collector to sell these types of coins.

  10. Anilise says:

    Hi, I really like your idea. I was a bit confused about what the website was about when I read the article. I would have loved to see the header say something along the lines of what you said on the About page. I read it there about your love for uicorns. Then I went back and read the article – I just wanted to get to the unicorn coins! I really did because they are so unique.

    Have you ever thought about promoting the Unicorn coins at a market? I think they are a great gift idea. If my children were younger, I would just buy these for them to have – with no special way for them to use them!

    Do the unicorn coins show the year they were put into circulation?


    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Hello Anilise, yes the unicorn coins will show the year they are minted. We have kicked around the idea of taking some unicorn products to say a farmers market or some kind of show. I doubt we would consider taking these coins just out of security reasons.

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