WHAT IS A LLAMACORN? Is it a unicorns friend or foe?

What Is A Llamacorn?

What do you get when you mix an adorable llama and the ever-amazing unicorn? You get a Llamacorn!!! 50% Unicorn, 50% llama and 100% magical amazing! These adorable little creatures are all the rage right now and it’s easy to see why. They are just too cute! In fact, they have become so popular that it’s becoming harder and harder to keep our llamacorn items in stock. But that’s a good thing.

We have put together some little known facts about llamacorns that you may not have known. So without further ado, here they are:

What Is A Llamacorn And Why Are They So Popular


  • The llamacorn looks pretty cute and cuddly, but they actually can be fairly aggressive when they need to be. Don’t take their cute appearance for granted.
  • It’s said that the llamacorn’s manure is almost odorless, which makes sense because there could be nothing at all gross about these darling little creatures.
  • Llamacorns eat both plants and meat. Many animals are only herbivores and eat only plants, but not the llamacorn; they have a taste for meat and will scavenge until they find some.
  • They use their horn to fight and kill their prey if necessary. Their horn is their main line of defense against an enemy. They also use their legs to kick if they need to. Steer clear if their legs.
  • The average llamacorn will live to be 20-30 years old. Some have lived much longer but the average is 20-30 years.
  • The female llamacorn is called a Dam. The male llamacorn is called a Sire. A baby llamacorn is called a Cris.
  • Llamacorns are social animals and like to travel in herds. They prefer to be together instead of being alone.
  • Llamacorn weight can vary depending on their size. They usually range from 280lbs-450lbs. Some are taller and more muscular than others. It depends on where they were bred and their genetics.

We don’t know about you, but we just can’t seem to get enough of these little llamacorns. However, not is all roses and rainbows when it comes to llamacorns, and some unicorn enthusiast don’t like the fact that this fluffy horned creation is taking up space on the shelves from unicorns.




Llamacorns Are Friend Not Foe

What Is A Llamacorn And Are They Part UnicornIf you have been out shopping lately you have surely run into some sort of merchandise that features a llamacorn. They are quickly filling up shelf space at the most popular stores. Some have even claimed that llamacorns are next big fad to hit after the current unicorn fad.

So its stands to reason that if you are a unicorn die hard like we are, you may ask yourself, just who does this fluffy, long necked, critter that spits think it is? Is our beloved unicorn under threat? We can see why you may be jealous or even angry about the unicorn losing some shelf space to another animal.

So instead of being standoffish or not willing to accept the llamacorn, we say embrace it. For one it is 50% unicorn so it is in actuality family to our unicorn, and we say never turn your back on family. Secondly, I mean come on, they are honestly just too darn cute. The have the ultra soft and fluffy fur of the llama, and the beautiful magical horn of the unicorn. It is almost the perfect hybrid animal you could have ever drawn up.

Throw An Amazing Llamacorn Birthday Party

Every little person wants to have an over the top birthday party so, if you’ve got a little queen that wants to celebrate their birthday and wants to have a party to remember then the llamacorn theme is the way to go. It’s got magic, sparkle, whimsy and is full of fun.
This party is going to be perfect for all ages and can be tailored to any size group. You can keep your group happy for hours with the llamacorn themed games and the cute little llamacorn themed food and snacks. Throw in some glittery and magical llamacorn themed party decorations and you will have the perfect party.

What Is A Llamacorn And Where Can I Get Llamacorn Party Favors

We started by hanging large plastic door curtains that have fringes on them in various sparkly colors to use as the party backdrop. You may want to go with an iridescent one so that it will tie in with whatever other colors you may choose to use for your party theme. All of these decorations can easily be found for cheap and there are so many variations for how you can set it up, you really can do whatever your little heart desires.


We chose to dress up our party with hanging paper fans in various colors and sizes. For our party we found that pink and gold looked really good together. We also hung some pink and white-fringed banners off the front of our desert table and then added a little pop of gold with a shiny gold garland.

Every party is going to need a table to put treats, drinks, cakes or presents on, so we always set up a table and decorate it because it adds so much to the party ambiance. And, the table pretty much makes up the bulk of your decorating too so its win-win. You can just throw up a folded table (or use your kitchen table) throw a cheap white table cloth over it and then hang garlands or banners off the front in pinks, golds, yellows or whatever other color you’d like.

There are all sorts of really cute, free llamacorn printable that you can download off the internet that are all done for you and you can put them in some cute colorful frames and put them on your tables for centerpieces or accents. It’s a simple and easy way to add more color, more llamacorn, and more whimsy to your already fun party.

For the treats and desserts we had a cute llamacorn cake made and it came with llamacorn cupcakes that we put on cupcake stands and pretty much made the centerpiece for our table. We kept it pretty simple, we had sparkling pink lemonade for drinks (pink lemonade and sprite or seven up mixed in), the cakes and cupcakes and then we decorated different glass candy jars with other colorful candies. Really it was more about adding more color and fun to the party and less about actually eating the candy. However, it was a total win, because what kid doesn’t like eating candy?

If you are looking for games to play at your party, there are some great free llamacorn printable for llamacorn bingo. It’s another great way to use your candy. They can use the candy to mark their bingo cards as you play. If you have younger kids you can play llamacorn matching where you print out a bunch of different llamacorn pictures and lay them face down and make the kids take turns trying to match the cards. If they get a match they get to keep the cards, if not, they turn them back down and it’s the next players turn. You can come up any number of fun games to play. Perhaps you want to play pin the tail on the llamacorn or llamacorn musical chairs. Take any classic game and just put your own llamacorn twist to it and it’s sure to be a hit.

You can give out little plush unicorns or llamacorns as prizes, or any other number of cute little llamacorn toys, key chains, your framed pictures you used for decorations even. Use your imagination and you are going to have a magical llamacorn party for sure. There is no way you can go wrong with this. It’s going to be a party that will leave lasting memories for a lifetime.

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NOTE: License for Llamacorn cover photo:

Amberbunting [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

4 thoughts on “WHAT IS A LLAMACORN? Is it a unicorns friend or foe?”

  1. Michel says:

    This unicorn craze at the moment is definitely starting to take a turn in other directions. I haven’t heard of a llamacorn yet, well not until reading about it here. He looks like an amazing creature, and I am sure many people will fall in love with him.

    I can’t help wondering where this craze will lead us next. Maybe we will see elephacorns, girarificorns or even mousecorns crawl out of the woodwork. Who knows? I have already seen a unicow been circulated amongst the children I teach.

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Hello Michel, and yes we have seen unicorn horns panted on all sorts of animals, for some reason the llamacorn seems to have really stuck and is starting to take off compared to other animals. We will definitely be on the lookout for whatever animal gets some unicorn love next.

  2. Olatoye Dolapo says:

    I must confess, this is the first time I’ll be hearing about a “llamacorn”, there’s not a time that I visit your website and don’t learn a thing or two. Llamacorns are also wonderful magical creatures too, I have a good grip on their cuteness and how one can cuddle them.

    So many reasons for why they are seen as friends and not foes. Thanks for this write-up.

    1. Cheyenne C. says:

      Thank you Olatoye, I cant tell you how much it means to us hearing things like this. We really try to make this a fun site where people can learn some cool interesting things involving unicorns. It was our pleasure having you on our site, please stop by again in the future.

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